My current research focuses on gender, health, and fertility. 

Genetic Risk and Reproductive Decision-Making

I am lead author on a paper with Drs. Rene Almeling and Shana Gadarian on how genetic risk for adult onset disease influences individual reproductive plans. In this paper, published in Social Science & Medicine, we use experimental data to randomly assign individuals varying levels of risk for different adult onset diseases and test if and how this risk causes individuals to reconsider their future childbearing plans. You can read the paper here.

Health Risk and Gender

An in-preparation paper with Dr. Nataniel Lester-Coll studies gender differences in refusal of curative radiation therapy for non-metastatic lung cancer. We find that women are more likely than men to refuse curative radiation therapy. However, men are still more likely to die from non-metastic lung cancer than women, revealing a protective effect of being a woman. 

Gender, Demography, and Children’s Outcomes

An in-preparation paper with Dr. Vida Maralani asks if a stated preference for an equal number of sons and daughters bodes well for girls' welfare. We use Demographic and Health Surveys data from 54 countries to examine how mothers' and fathers' stated sex preferences for children are associated with two outcomes: breastfeeding duration and years of schooling.

Gender, Demography, and Family

I have a solo-authored paper on the perceived value of sons and daughters in Azerbaijan that is currently under review as a "revise and resubmit." In this paper, I use original qualitative data collected during four months of fieldwork in Baku, Azerbaijan to describe the perceived advantages and challenges associated with raising sons versus daughters in a setting with remarkable son preference.